Bathhouse Williamsburg, NYC

Housed in a 1930s soda factory in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn, the Bathhouse brings communal bathing of old to the borough. Guests enter a sleek reception area, fitted with handmade cement tiles and a custom concrete walkway. A 6,500 square foot subterranean bathhouse is located below where traditional rituals meet modern techniques. Situated among the original brickwork and vaulted ceilings are a variety of treatments including thermal pools, cedar-wood saunas, and a celestial steam room. Massages, stretching, scrubs, and cryotherapy are performed in rooms around the perimeter while a private ritual room is located in the 100-foot tall brick smokestack. On the building’s ground floor, a restaurant and bar offers an all-day menu featuring Northern and Eastern European-inspired cuisine and classic cocktails, served in a bright dining room dripping in plants.

Learn more about Bathhouse Williamsburg


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