Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

Brand: Melitta

Model:  Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine  

Key Features: Melitta Connect App with 21 Coffee Recipes – Automatic Bean Selection – Intense Aroma Feature – My Coffee Memory – Italian Preparation Process – Best Aroma System Plus – Super Quiet Grinder – Colour Display – One Touch / Touch & Slide System – Double Cup Mode – All In One Coffee / Milk Outlet With Light – Pro Aqua Filter Technology – Plug-in Milk System – Self-Clean System – ECO Friendly –

Ease Of Use: 8/10

Flavour and Process: 9/10 

Best For:  The Everyday Coffee Lover

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £899.99 (Normally £1,199.99)


Making coffee at home was once a simple process of putting on the kettle, grabbing a jar of instant coffee and stir. It wasn’t necessarily good and it quite frankly it tasted like dirty dish water, even going ‘posh’ and using a french press provided you with a somewhat gritty cup of joe that resembled drinking something more like a cup of sand rather than a well brewed coffee. But we’re now in the year of 2020 and pretty much anything is possible, even having barista-quality coffee at home and not just at home, but from an app! Yes, you read that right. It’s all thanks to Melitta’s Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine which we’ve been testing out over the last couple of months.

At first inspection the TS Smart is a normal free-standing coffee machine, simple and there’s no need to plumb it in; just fill it up with water and beans and you’re ready to go. Its modern design camouflages the bundles of coffee options it has, each with its individual adjustments – from temperature to aroma and shot quantity and much, much more. A single espresso? Done. Flat White? Easy! Latte macchiato? Try something harder my friend. Even when we tried the to throw a curve ball at it with a traditional Caffé Latte it knocked it out of the park, allowing us feel as if we were sitting in the Piazza Santa Croce in central Florence on a summers day. The app which you’ll use pretty much every time you use the machine is easy to navigate and lists every coffee recipe you could ever want. Best of all in each recipe you can modify such things as aroma, intensity, water temperature and measurements – or keep it as it comes. The possibilities are endless. A slight pain initially was the bluetooth connection between the machine and the app – like any wireless devices – can be a little temperamental when you first connect the machine but after a couple of days in all should be well.

Pick from your choice of two bean hoppers (dark & light beans) as well as a pre-ground coffee compartment thats a handy little option should you ever need it – our favourite part is filling the hopper up with fresh beans, we tend to use Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Beans. There’s a separate milk chamber that’s easy to clean for milky coffees – don’t worry it will do just as good a job with almond, oat, soya or whatever your non-dairy options and an ‘easy cleaning’ mode that’ll rinse through the pipes and the interior in about 20 seconds after you’ve used the machine keeping it in tip top shape.

Now, in this part of the review we were going to go super in-depth with grind sizes, brewing times and all that nonsense however, we soon asked ourselves why would we go to such lengths when you, the individuals considering buying this machine, want something that will fit into your life and make it easier not overly complicated. With this machine none of the intricate details such as those matters. All you do need to know is that this machine is quite possibly one of the best free-standing coffee machines on the market. It’s a coffee lovers dream that is both easy to use and serves a premium beverage every time. It’s that easy, just like using this machine and in our professional opinion you’d be completely bonkers not to purchase this machine right now. Go on, off you go.


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