The Best Winter Haircare Products

Now that we’ve entered a new year its time to focus on whats important in our lives, our hair. Ok, maybe not so important in the grand scheme of things but this winter your hair will have been windswept, drenched and god knows what else, dealing with the very best the British weather has to offer. We’ve pulled together what we think are some of the best tried and tested products to take care of your hair and keep you looking your best and your hair well quaffed.


Fudge Professional, Elevate Styling Powder –
£13.95, Available:

Oliver J Woods Salt Spray –
£18.00, Available:

Fudge Professional, Matte Head Paste –
£14.95, Available:

Kiehls Grooming Solutions, Texturizing Clay –
£20.00, Available


Christophe Robin, Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt –
£40.00, Available:

Aēsop, Classic Shampoo –
£33.00, Available:

MONAT Black, 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner – £32.00, Available:

Kiehl’s, Sunflower Colour Preserving Shampoo – £19.00, Available:


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