Off The Beaten Path, Quick Look: Artic Bath

Floating in the middle of the Lule River, the Arctic Bath brings a unique and luxury wellness retreat to the heart of the Swedish Lapland. The main building is a homage to the region’s logging heritage, taking the form of a jam of logs floating down the river. The circular structure is built around a central bath where guests can partake in a traditional cold plunge. After a chilling and refreshing dip in the icy waters, a trip to the sauna or spa will follow. Accommodation is available on both water and land, each one featuring sleek, Scandinavian interiors made from sustainable materials.
If you’re looking for something more adventurous than a frosty dive in the river, the hotel can set you up with a husky sled tour, snowmobile safari, or summon the wild with a moose whisper. No matter how you occupy your day, the evenings are best spent sipping something warm beneath the glow of the Northern Lights. Prices start at £1000+

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