Rotary Henley GMT Black/Blue Dial

Brand: Rotary

Model: Henley GMT

Key Features: Second Timezone Hand, Water Resistant 10ATM (100M), Butterfly Buckle Clasp, 41.5mm Sterling Silver Case, Flat Sapphire Glass

Best For: The everyday adventurer / The everyday / Travelling

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £225.00


For me theres something special about a Rotary watch. I remember the first time I ever saw one, it was my grandfathers 1960’s Aquaplunge 666ft, a brilliant bold piece for the time when ‘divers’ were starting to come into fashion, its something that echoed luxury style without being overly monstrous or self-deprecating like other ‘luxury’ watches. I remember the awe I felt seeing him wearing it and how I yearned to have it (and still do!). But back to modern times and the Henley GMT has reintroduced us to our love of Rotary watches. The Henley GMT feels as if it should be a luxury watch, far more expensive than what it is, in fact having lived with it day to day you’d be hard to see any fault with it at all. In true Rotary form this is a piece that is understated, simplistic and timeless in its design. This is a watch that can take you from early morning hikes in the country to dinner and drinks in the city without ever skipping a beat.

For us this watch is perfect for the type of man who loves adventure but wants to do it in style, the persistent traveller who never knows what time zone he’s in (easy to keep track of now with the Henley’s dual timezone hand) This is a classic diver that every man needs in their collection. Its a watch that will keep your adventures close to your heart, forever a reminder of the good times without ever missing a detail, just like an old friend. Let us remember that a watch isn’t just a watch, its a partner in our journey of life, forget digital. Old fashioned analog is where the world will forever keep its pace and this is the perfect partner for every journey, every adventure, always helping you to keep the pace of life ticking away smoothly and most importantly in style.


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