The £1,300 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung’s released a foldable phone. But it’s not the first folding smartphone, that as we all know would be the Galaxy Fold and is it the first to fold like an old Motorola Razr? Thats a no as that would be the new Motorola Razr. What Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is a 1.1-inch AMOLED display that’s used for the time, date, battery status, and notifications, and both ultra-wide and wide-angle 12-megapixel cameras. Inside sits a 6.7-inch, 21.9:9 Dynamic AMOLED display protected by bendable Ultra Thin Glass. It runs a version of Android optimised for its unique form, allowing apps to display content on the “top” and controls on the “bottom” when opened like a laptop, enabling hands-free video chats, better low-light photography, and other unique usage scenarios. Launching on February 14 in purple or black and will cost a staggering £1,300.00 not a price we think we’ll be paying, thanks.

Preorder now from £1,300.00


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