Overfinch Built A Crazy Custom Land Rover

There’s no disputing the remarkable capabilities of the classic Land Rover Defender. But as what was once a simple go-anywhere-do-anything machine, it has become a status symbol for drivers who will likely never so much as set foot on dirt, let alone put a tire there.

This ridiculous Land Rover Defender 90 customized by Overfinch is the craziest thing we’ve seen yet. At first glance, this Defender might not look all that special; its Emerald Green paint and silver trim pop a bit more than the colours of your average ‘Landie’, and the detail work is certainly a bit flashier than most Defenders, but to the common person’s eye, it looks all but identical to the two-wheeled off-roaders seen crawling over the hills of Scotland or the savannas of Kenya.

Pop your head inside and you’ll see an interior very much unlike what you’d have seen when this four-wheel-drive rig rolled off the production line. The interior is awash in Emerald Green and George Hamilton Tan leather, while the rear cargo area has been outfitted with yacht-inspired teak wood trim, making it perhaps the least suitable Land Rover ever for letting your golden retriever climb into the back.

Under the bonnet, the traditional Land Rover powertrain has been tossed aside in favor of a 6.2-liter General Motors-sourced V8 crate motor. Overfinch says it spins up enough power to carry this box on wheels to 110 miles per hour, although I’m not sure we’d like to test that. When you decide to take your foot on the accelerator and regain your sanity, six-piston brakes up front and four-piston units out back help haul it back down to reasonable speeds. There is, of course, four-wheel-drive with low range, but the only off-roading you’ll see this car do is accidentally mounting the curb while parking harbour side in Monte Carlo.

While there isn’t a definitive price, sources say this setup will cost you around $320,000. We think thats money well spent, don’t you?


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