Home Fitness, The Gear You Need

With the current state of the world and COVID-19 putting the breaks on our care free lives, something as simple as a quick trip to the gym is now impossible and if you’re anything like the team here at IdleSociety you’ll be going out of your mind right about now. But don’t fear, we’ve put together a list of the best gear you need right now to keep fit from your living room, garden, shed or garage, it’s just about getting creative.

Ditch The Treadmill, Hit The Streets

For most of us running is something we do because we ‘have to’ and people believe hitting the treadmill in the gym is the only way to manage their weight and improve their overall fitness. Well guess what, whilst running is one of the best ways to increase your cardiovascular capacity, running on the streets vs the treadmill is actually better for you – improving joint stability, creating less repetitive impact on those joints and you’ll find your pace is naturally higher compare to running on a treadmill. The other positive is you’ll work harder (plus burn more calories) as you won’t have the belt of the running machine ‘carrying’ you through the run.

Below are some of the best products we’ve used for runs so far.

UnderArmour’s MapMyRun –

Price: Free
Available: Via AppStore &
Google Play

Under Armour HOVR Machina Running Shoes

Price: £140.00
Available: UnderArmour.co.uk

Sweaty Circuits

High-intensity workouts that are sharp and short are the ultimate way to keep you in shape and fighting fit. Check out our short circuit via Mr.Porter.com to help give you some ideas.

Nike Elite Speed Skipping Rope

Price: £29.63
Available: Mr.Porter.com

ROGUE KG Dumbbells

Price: From £25.00
Available: RogueEurope.eu

Gorilla Sports Battling Ropes

Price: From £157.80
Available: GorillaSports.co.uk

Get On The Bike

Keen cyclist but having issues getting out? Bring it inside with these brilliantly designed options.

WattBike ATOM

Price: £1,599.00
Available: Wattbike.com

Concept2 BikeErg

Price: £980.00
Available: Concept2.com


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