Create Your Own Living Room Basecamp

For outdoors enthusiasts across the world this troubled time and the current delicate health situation has put a deadlock on the number of trips and adventures that had been planned for weeks and months previous to the outbreak. We get it, everyone is going a little crazy, but just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have that outdoor experience. In this article we’re putting together a list of the best gear to help you feel like you’re on an outdoor adventure, setting up basecamp in your own living room or garden. Here are you basecamp essentials.

YETI, Rambler 26oz Bottle

One thing to remember in keeping your body in tip top shape? HYDRATE! The YETI Rambler Bottle is perfect for when you want to keep those cold drinks cold and your hot drinks, well, hot. This is perfect for afternoon walks or sunbathing in the garden. Made of 18/8 stainless steel and built with double-wall vacuum insulation as well a YETI’s ‘No Sweat’ design, the Rambler 26 oz. Bottle is a great drinking option for your personal outdoor (and indoor) adventures. £39.99, Available

YETI Rambler 10oz Lowball

With the sun starting to shine as the UK heads into its summer you need something to keep your wine, whiskey or cocktail icy-cold during those long, hot summer days. Just like the Rambler bottle, the Lowball’s double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold for up to 7 hours. Enjoy your evening whiskey by your imaginary fire, and refill with coffee the next morning. Easy to clean throw your Lowball in the dishwasher (lid as well) we highly recommend that stainless steel colour which adds a premium feel to the cup. £19.99, Available

Jack Wolfskin MOONSHADOW Sun Tent

Got a garden? Great, that means you need this Jack Wolfskin sun tent to help elevate your basecamp just that little bit more. A handy piece of kit for your garden campsite, beach or trail, the MOONSHADOW is a large tarp that provides a simple and reliable roof over your head and perfect for sunny days when you need a little rest bite from the heat of the day. Planning your next adventure for after lockdown? The MOONSHADOW can be used as a group shelter for rest breaks out on the trail and it’s big enough for at least four people to sleep under it. No trees in your garden? No worries, the tarp can be pitched with the help of a couple of our telescopic rigging poles. Note, the telescopic poles are not included with the tarp but are available separately. £90.00, Available

The North Face NSE III Tent Mules

These NSE III Tent Mules are made for ultimate basecamp relaxation. Their ultra-snug ThermoBall Eco insulation keeps your feet warm when you’re sharing stories around the tabletop campfire or shuffling around the house. Don’t let the plush finish fool you – these mules are tougher than they look thanks to their hardy, water-resistant ripstop material made from recycled bottles. £40.00, Available

Table Top Fireplace

It wouldn’t be basecamp without a fire. These table top fireplaces don’t need a chimney or a vent so there is no building work required, simply set it up on your table top and off you go. With its real flame and suitable for both indoor and outdoor you’ll soon feel like you’re resting by your favourite lake or beach, and don’t worry theres no toxic fumes or smoke to worry about. £42.99, Available

Patagonia 850 Down Sleeping Bag

Ok, we know, a little over the top for a living room base camp right? True, but this is the mother of all sleeping bags and it’ll serve you well in the post-COVID-19 world when you’re able to stretch your legs on adventures to come. The streamlined 850 Down Sleeping Bag has a minimalist-minded design and a feature set that’s ideal for climbers, kayakers and backpackers who need an essentials-only kit. Designed with ultralight 100% nylon ripstop Pertex Quantum fabric, it features the Y-shaped filament technology to create a shell that’s nearly half the weight and twice the strength of their other down-shell fabrics. On the heat front its heat-trapping warmth will do the job season after season thanks to the it being insulated with 850-fill-power Advanced Global Traceable Down.
£380.00, Available

Outdoor Cooking: River Cottage Handbook No.17, By Gill Meller

In Outdoor Cooking, outdoor cooking specialist Gill Meller explains every aspect of cooking out in the open. He will take you back to basics with a guide to building the perfect fire, and reinvigorate your summer barbecue by cooking bread on it, grilling Indian-style kebabs, smoking fish or roasting succulent joints of meat. You can also find out how to make the most of a pizza oven or Kamado-style clay barbecue and, if you’re feeling adventurous, there are comprehensive instructions for spit roasting larger pieces of meat or making a smouldering earth oven. £10.55, Available


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