The North Face COVID-19 Explore Fund Donates $1M

North Face for more than 50 years have been leading the world forward through exploration, capable of uniting and lifting up people as both individuals and members of the global outdoor community. While our ability to enjoy the outdoors is currently at a standstill, the people, places and organisations who enable exploration around the world are facing an unprecedented challenge. Through North Faces social impact and advocacy platform the Explore Fund which started in 2010 to help access and drive equity in the outdoors by funding hundreds of nonprofit organisations around two main themes: Enabling Exploration and Loving Wild Places, the brand are committing €1 million to support the outdoor communities across Europe that make exploration possible. Their team will be working closely with national and local outdoor officials to allocate funds to organisations that are an immediate priority and in need of the brands help the most.

In addition, to support the healthcare and frontline services, the brand are also donating their European TV ad space in April, helping them deliver their critical messages at this vital time.

With the global situation still at its peak, for the health and safety reasons, all North Face stores currently remain closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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