Daylight Robbery The Truth About Common Project Sneakers

The Common Projects Achilles Low White is one of the most popular sneakers for the fashion crowd bar none, a quick trip to any fashion house, Fashion PR agency or Creative agency and you’ll be met by hordes of 20 somethings with the crisp white sneakers, paired with ankle cuffed trousers. The shoes are allegedly the highest quality sneakers in the world and with a price tag of £260.00, these aren’t cheap but then again surely the ‘made in Italy’ and beautiful white high-grade leather must be worth the cost? Well, actually, no.

Rose Anvil the leather and crafts specialist breaks down (literally, he cuts them in half) a pair of Common Projects Achilles Low White to show us that basically, they aren’t worth the leather they’re made from. Revealing that instead of high-grade, mature leather, Common Projects are actually built from ‘common’ chrome leather and low grade leftovers. Maybe you’ll think twice before you pay out another £260.00 on a pair of these.

Watch the video above to see the full breakdown.


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