Jeff Bezos To Become Worlds First Trillionaire?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was trending on Wednesday, after it was reported that he could be on his way to becoming the world’s first trillionaire. A recent study by Comparisun estimated that Bezos’ net worth could reach $1 trillion by 2026. Now, this study isn’t anything new, but it started to circulate on Twitter Wednesday with many highlighting how Bezos is benefiting from the coronavirus pandemic as millions are facing unemployment or are already unemployed. 

Bezos current net worth hovers at around $142.4 billion, according to Forbes, although Amazon is expected to come out of the pandemic far more unscathed than other major companies. Sales in the first three months of 2020 eclipsed $75 million, up from $60 million the year prior. With the possibility of further lockdowns and a second wave of the virus, Amazon could continue to make an absurd amount of money despite the global crisis.

Bezos’ viral moment comes just as it was announced that Amazon would end wage increases and double overtime pay come June, CNBC reports as well as another report by the Guardian stating that Amazon sick pay doesn’t cover warehouse staff. That fact was not lost on Bezos’ many detractors, many of whom took to social media to call attention to the working conditions and lack of benefits for Amazon employees, as well as the overall income inequality in America. 


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