Vollebak Are Changing The Face Of Clothing, Again

So the Tesla of outdoor clothing are back with another incredible design. The Vollebak Full Metal Jacket is designed with over 11 kilometres of copper woven into every jacket. The brands aim is to pioneer the future of intelligent and disease resistant clothing and they believe The Full Metal Jacket is the first step on that mission. For those of you who don’t know, Copper is one of the most advanced materials in our solar system and it has become central to the rise of civilisation, creating tools and sterilising water, before enabling modern day communication, transport, and electrical power. Copper is also a biostatic, which means that bacteria and other life forms won’t grow on it. This, as well as its exceptional antimicrobial properties with bacteria and viruses dying as they make contact with it – the copper releases electrically charged ions which first make it difficult for microbes to breathe, before punching holes in its outer membrane, moving in and completely wiping out its DNA, preventing it from developing any future resistance. The brand says that the copper woven jackets ability to conduct heat and power while killing bacteria and viruses make it a potential first building block for the future of clothing. Built with 65% copper, the jacket is soft, malleable, highly waterproof, windproof and breathable, and comes with a fleece lined neck and pockets, making it a perfect everyday technical jacket.

Now they make it sound easy but turning a metal into a wearable and high-performance fabric is a hugely complex process. The first of the jacket’s three layers is made from a lacquered copper yarn. The lacquer is completely clear and is there as protection, so the colour of each jacket is the colour of the dyed copper beneath it. The face fabric is laminated with an advanced waterproof and breathable membrane called c_change®. Instead of remaining static, the c_change® membrane can open and close to respond to different weather conditions as they happen, while remaining permanently waterproof and windproof.

Once the metal face fabric and advanced membrane have been bonded together, an abrasion resistant polyamide backing is added. So the jacket can be worn like any high performance jacket. Over time, the fabric will wear like denim, with crease lines emerging and colours fading gradually to reveal the raw copper colour and lasting just as long.

Find out more Vollebak.com


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