ON Running Cloud X

Brand: ON Running

Model:  Cloud X  

Key Features: Performance engineered mesh upper provides structure and breathability • Shaft reinforcement to support your foot • Seamless tongue, dual density sockliner and adaptive first-layer sock for comfort • CloudTec sole made for explosive movement in all directions • Zero-Gravity foam keeps weight to an absolute minimum for maximum mobility • Deep flex grooves provide a natural range of motion and flexibility • Central channel allows each Cloud element to move individually • Advanced abrasion pads for grip and longevity.

Ride Comfort: 9/10

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Best For: Medium Distances / Day To Day  

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £130.00

Buy: ON-running.com

Our first run with the ON Running Cloud X was, well, perfect. Hitting our fastest 5K to date, it was the start of a beautiful partnership of ON’s superior design and running tech meets the results of optimal recovery, thanks in part to our friends, WHOOP. This is a lightweight sneaker, let’s be clear about that and ON have been pretty clear with it being marketed as ‘the worlds lightest fully-cushioned shoe for running remixed’. This sneaker is for people who know how to run, who enjoy running and most of all want to feel like they’re gliding on the road. It’s also extremely versatile and makes a great companion for general training and day to day wear too. The neutral ride offers a well balanced feel throughout the run and offers great foot support as well as quality cushioning thanks to the zero-gravity foam – it works when you move. Essentially, the two forces that work here are gravity and your body weight. Each ‘cloud’ on the sole is empty inside and adjusts to your running gait individually to give the exact amount of cushioning you personally need. It’s a bit like wearing cushioned socks and really the only way to describe the ON Cloud X is, well, different. It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before, everything just feels as it should. For years we’ve been told Nike are the leaders in running shoe design, and up until I put these on my feet I would have believed you, but times change and this is the time to branch out, try the Cloud X yourself and feel the difference with each and every stride you take. If that wasn’t good enough for you 20X Grand Slam champion tennis player Roger Federer gives them his seal of approval and swears by them. So go on, just do it.


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