A Modern Day Necessity

Now that the world finds itself looking towards a post-lockdown way of life, health masks are becoming the next big trend for consumers to get their hands on. With the virus still very much live and well and no vaccine yet to be discovered governments worldwide are asking its citizens to don a mask to not only protect themselves, but to protect others, but its worth nothing not all masks are made equal. UA, the worlds leading sportswear brand has created a specially engineered 3 layered system sports mask that is water resistant and has been designed with performance in mind. The mask functions to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer and the top of the mask features a mouldable nose-bridge to help secure it in place and mitigate airflow to the eyes, helping to prevent glasses from fogging.

  1. LAYER 1: SPACER FABRIC – It is light but has air pockets for structure, so it stays off the mouth and nose for better airflow.
  2. LAYER 2: OPEN-CELL FOAM – The breathable middle layer lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass.
  3. LAYER 3: UA ISO-CHILL – This fabric feels cool against the skin, stretches, and is treated with PROTX2™, a non-metal anti-microbial technology which inhibits growth of bacteria on the mask.

But hurry, they’ll be selling out fast. The UA SPORTSMASK will be available for £26.00 at UA.com from late-July with additional colours released this summer and autumn.


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