Twisted NA-V8 Land Rover Defender

There’s no shortage of restored Land Rover Defenders on the market, but Austin, Texas, Twisted Automotive’s NA-V8 Defender brings something extra to the table. The majority of that ‘extra’, in typical US form is under the hood in the form of an LT1 Corvette V8, making either 455 horsepower in base trim, or 655 from the Z06-spec mill in the high-performance package. All that power has to get to the ground, and Twisted didn’t take any shortcuts on the chassis or brakes. Twisted worked with three of the best in the business — Alcon, Bilstein, and Eibach — to make sure that the NA-V8 stops, turns, and rides better than a stock Defender could ever hope for. Backing up the LT1 is a GM 8L90 eight-speed automatic transmission with a heavy-duty differential and driveline components to handle the extra grunt. Five different configurations are available, from a four-door wagon and pickup to the classic two-door, with total production limited to 200 units.

With the company being US based you’ll be paying the hefty price tag of £200,000+ for the car itself plus shipping costs back to the UK. Find out more from


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