Its Time You Explored More

Let’s face it, you can never explore enough and it’s a simple fact of life. We are too often concerned with jobs, money and general life, chasing a never ending cycle that we think makes us happy. With the current global situation of mass redundancies, social distancing and the like, its time to refocus on whats important in life, not to look for the bigger picture but to take a moment, open your eyes and see it right in front of you.

Finisterre is one brand that shows us that theres more to life and they have just the gear you need to embrace it. Having been in development for over 2 years this fall sees the launch of Finisterre’s Drift backpack range, creating a solution for every adventure. The collection consists of the Drift 30L Rucksack, 40L Duffle and 30L Dry Bag all of which are made from 100% recycled polyester materials, seamless and fully waterproof, perfect for a beach stay-cation in the UK.

Prices start from £60.00. Find out more information on the collection at


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