What We Want This Week

Paige Brayden Short Sleeve Shirt / Matching Shorts

The perfect matching outfit for those warm summer days. The short sleeve button up shirt crafted from lightweight and breathable rayon yarns in a textured print that pairs perfectly the matching clean-cut shorts that are lightweight and breathable, a weekend-ready style for every gentleman’s wardrobe. Shirt & Shorts, £144.99 Each, Available Paige.com

Soho Roc House Mykonos

Formerly known as the San Giorgio, Soho Roc House Mykonos is the companies first Greek outpost. In addition to 45 island luxury rooms, ranging in size from tiny to extra-large, the property is home to a pool, restaurant, and lounge area, all overlooking the Aegean Sea. Polished plaster floors and neutral finishes extend the area’s signature look throughout the grounds, including to the outdoor courtyard with an original stone chapel. While Roc House serves as a serene getaway, it sits just minutes away from Mykonos Town’s many bars and eateries, as well as Scorpios, a creative gathering space that joined the Soho House roster in 2019.
From £250 per night, Sohohouse.com

Helly Hansen Tech Vest

This functional vest in beige by Helly Hansen features contrasting concealed zipper closure, a set of patch pockets and zipper pockets at front. If pockets are your thing the vest comes with two detachable mini bags with an extra strap that are perfect for summer long adventures and feature Helly Hansen logo patch attached on chest. This collection is exclusive to Storm, Copenhagen. £154.00, Available Stormfashion.dk

NEMO Sub By U-Boat Worx

I want a submarine, said every man ever who loves the ocean and has pockets deep enough to own a yacht. If we could we’d all have our own submarine, it’s just a fact of life and now you can thanks for U-Boat Worx. Since its inception, U-Boat Worx has defined the standards to create exceptional submersibles. Each submarine is handcrafted and overseen by their in-house experts to ensure every detail is perfect. At 2,500kg this 155cm-high submarine is the lightest ever made and could easily be towed by the average SUV, enabling a shore launch – a world first in submersibles. Under the ‘hood’ you have 2 seats, a three-knot motor and the ability to dive to depths of 100M and is full of smart technology such as ‘auto-heading’ and ‘auto-depth’. The price tag is a little punchy, but surely its worth it? It’ll provide you hours of fun. £870,000, Available Uboatworx.com

Diemme Iseo Suede Trainers  

Bar white trainers, what is the only essential footwear for the summer time? Thats right, suede and these Iseo sneakers from premium brand Diemme are the ultimate footwear for this year. The quintessential Californian silhouette of these sand Iseo sneakers tells me you care about what is on your feet and with the rendering in luxe suede shows you also have a touch of class about you. Crafted in Italy, they’re set atop chunky white rubber soles and have almond-shaped toes and classic laced uppers. £250.00, Available MatchesFashion.com


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