Urbanears Luma True Wireless Headphones

Brand: Urbanears

Model:  Luma – True Wireless Headphones

Key Features: Water Splash Resistant / Wear-Detect Technology / Easy To Use Touch Controls / Dual Microphones For Hands Free / Wireless Charging Case / 25Hrs Battery Life

Comfort: 9/10

Stability & Durability: 8/10 

Best For: Everyday On The Go Use

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £79.99

Buy: Urbanears.com

Everyone wants great wireless earphones that are stylish, easy to use and comfortable and most importantly, don’t cost the earth (like Apples £219 Airpods for instance) well we’re happy to announce colourful, affordable Swedish audio brand Urbanears have solved just that problem. Their Luma earphones deliver a great sound day to day when listening to podcasts or music on the go and crisp hands free calls, all packaged up into a neat little product that not only looks great but has up to 25 hour battery life. Normally with headphones we’re pretty picky, snobby even, but we appreciate superior sound quality it’s that simple. When the Luma hit our desk we were a little skeptical, but we gave them a go and boy were we impressed. Before testing the Luma, our go-to wireless earphones were Master & Dynamics MW07 and to be honest not much could touch them, until now. The Luma’s out perform the M&D offering in almost everything, both comfort and battery life 1000X better in the Luma, the major downfall with M&D’s MW07 is the battery life, it sucks and they’re also pretty uncomfortable. Often with the MW07’s we would find we’d run out of battery just 30-60 minutes after turning them on or they’d slip out walking down the street. Since using the Urbanears Luma we have shelved the M&D MW07’s and we’re not ashamed to admit it. With a great sound quality for day to day use, brilliant battery life and pretty good comfort levels the Luma’s are a must for anyone looking for a solid, reliable pair of earphones for use day to day. Best of all, their handy wireless charging case fits straight onto your keys. Let us be clear these aren’t game changing earphones, they’re just earphones done well, not over complicated, just perfection in its simplest form. We’d take the Urbanears Luma over the Apple Airpods & Master & Dynamics MW07’s any day of the week. You can quote us on that.


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