Land Rovers New Phone Is As Tough As Its Cars

Land Rover and Bullitt Group have unveiled the Land Rover Explore R, a rugged and elegant smartphone that’s designed to excel in harshest environments but seamlessly blend into day-to-day life. Built with superior durability and its powerful 3,100mAh battery that has been optimised to 1.5+ days of battery life it won’t leave you high and dry on adventures. The Explore R has been drop-tested, its waterproof (including saltwater) or up to 35 minutes at 1.5M and can cope with heat, cold and extreme temperature changes. With its Corning Gorilla glass 6 screen that works with wet fingers and gloves, the back of the phone delivers a sleek, anti-slip TPU surface that contains a weather-resistant fingerprint sensor and a quality dual pixel 12MP camera. Built by the one and only Land Rover you know it’s built to last and if its anything like the cars, get you out of many sticky situations with relative ease. £399.00, Available


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