Robin Williams In Good Will Hunting Even Has Cameraman Shaking With Laughter

The legend that is Robin Williams is the gift that keeps giving as we revisit his roles in a bid to make sure the brilliant actor and comedian is never forgotten. Turns out he improvised a line in Good Will Hunting that was so funny, it left Matt Damon and the camera operator in stitches.

The film, released in 1997, tells the story of unrecognised genius Will Hunting whose life changes after meeting Dr Sean Maguire, his therapist. Williams won an Oscar for the role of Maguire the following year, and received a standing ovation for his victory.

One particularly scene shows a conversation between Hunting and Maguire in which they discuss the latter’s wife, who died years before. At one stage, Williams goes off script – and Damon fails to hold it together. Watch the video above to see the hilarious exchange.


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