Einhell Cordless Impact Drill

Brand: Einhell

Model:  TE-CD 18, Cordless Impact Drill  

Key Features: POWER X-Change Family / Li-ion Battery / 30min Recharge Time / 3 Function Drill: Screwdriver, Drilling, Masonry Impact Drilling / 2 Speed Gear For Drilling & Screwdriver / Includes 2 Rechargeable Batteries / High Quality 13mm Metal Chuck

On The Job: 9/10

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Best For: Everyday DIY and Specialist Projects  

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £98.95

Buy: Einhell.co.uk

Einhell is a leading provider of power tools across the UK & EU. Founded in Germany in 1964 by Josef Thannhuber as Hans Einhell GmbH the brand is a staple among power tool users, builders and DIY enthusiasts alike. And after testing the TE-CD 18, Cordless Impact Drill we can see why. As bizarre as it may sound the TE-CD 18 is a light and elegant machine, yes you heard it here first, never have those words been used to describe a drill. But in all honesty it is. Easy to use, it’s not a machine that’s cumbersome to use or to store, fitting neatly among the other additions in your tool box, like the Einhell Cordless Sander (but more on that later). As elegant as the drill is this isn’t a softy, its skeleton is robust and has enough power to kick a dent in the toughest of walls with its 3 functions of screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling in masonry . We tested the combi drill out on a multitude of DIY projects, from creating gardening boxes to putting together a new garden office and drilling holes for cables in brick walls, it could do it all and then some. This truly is the everyman (or woman’s) drill setup, setting the standard for how these machines should be built and also providing they’ve got the style to match that substance.


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