Palladium + Finisterre PAMPA HI Boots

Brand: Palladium X Finisterre  


Key Features: Fully Waterproof Membrane • Recycled Rubber Sole Unit With Enhanced Grip • Recycled Plastic Bottle Upper • Laces & Lace Tips Biodegradable

Ride Comfort: 8/10

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Best For: Street to Off Road Exploration  

Release Date: 16 September 2020  

Price: £125.00 


Founded in St. Agnes, Cornwall in 2003 the Finisterre brand story is one that was born from the need to protect brave surfers on the Cornish coast. Their first product an innovative fleece, designed to keep out chill winds and warm up cold bodies. A wider brand offering quickly followed, focused on functional and sustainable product, for those that share a love of the sea. Also born from the need to protect, Palladium’s brand history can be traced back to 1920 in Lyon, France. Supporting a generation of aviation pioneers as a manufacturer of airplane tires, before their expertise in rubber and canvas led the brand to protect the feet of one of the world’s most revered military forces – the French Foreign Legion.
This Autumn, the two brands collaborate to release the most sustainable incarnation of Palladium’s iconic PAMPA HI boots to date. Built for comfort and durability the PAMPA HI can attribute its success to an iconic design that was originally built to combat the terrain and conditions of the North African desert, making this the perfect boot to take you from street to track and back again. Sturdy, light weight, waterproof and agile the new PAMPA HI RECYCLED WP+ delivers a modern-day version of a timeless classic, that doesn’t cost the earth in resources or carbon footprint. The reimagined silhouette comes in three colour ways, inspired by the elements, and features bright neon appliques across each. A well-considered design cue reflecting Finisterre’s marine inspired history – where bright markings are commonly used for safety reasons. This is a boot for the wonderer, someone who wants to move from shoreline to street and deep tracks amongst the woods of the UK, if that sounds like you. This is your boot.



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