Bamford Watches Mayfair GMT

Brand: Bamford London  

Model: Mayfair GMT 

Key Features: Stainless Steel finished with Military Grade Titanium Coating / 10 ATM Water Resistance / Rubber Dive Strap  

Best For: The Everyday adventurer / The everyday / Travelling 

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £425.00 


Bamford London are a relatively new brand to the market created by George Bamford, who also founded the luxury watch customisation company Bamford Watch Department. The Mayfair GMT is what we would call an affordable ‘fashion diver’. What we mean by that is that although it’s a diver, its more fashion led than functionality led, however, it wasn’t ever supposed to be functionality based. Taking a cue from car dealerships, Bamford Watch Department last year built a “Service Watch” that was lent out to clients while their timepiece was in for maintenance (yes, really). People loved it and wanted to purchase one for themselves, so the Bamford Mayfair watch was born. That being said, having been able to get hands on with the timepiece for a couple of weeks during a week away in Devon we have to admit we did use this as a ‘courtesy watch’. This is a watch that you use when you don’t want to ruin your favourite vintage Rolex, Panerai or the such. After a week of surfing, rock climbing and even (accidentally) being dropped into crab infested waters of a local port, we’re happy to say the Mayfair GMT held up very well indeed, bouncing back and adapting easily to its surroundings, always looking stylish whilst it did it. Does it feel like a luxury watch? We’re not 100% sold. Does it look like a luxury watch? Absolutely, in fact quite a few times it was mistaken by passers by for a watch that one gentleman thought was “about £10,000, at least” and he should know as he was sporting a very nice Patek Philippe Nautilus. This isn’t a watch that you gloat about, nor will it ever be a collectors item, but its a very good, stylish stand-in for daily use. But like any courtesy car, this is a watch that is there to be thrown about, driven to the edge and generally take a battering whilst yours is safely tucked away in your leather padded watch case and at £425.00 it’s a bargain for a stand-in.


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