What We Want This Week

ACQUA Di PARMA Colonia Futura

We’ve found theres always something special about putting on an ACQUA Di PARMA cologne, it gives the wearer an air of confidence and calm, the feeling of being able to take on the world a normal side effect. And its no different with their new Colonia Futura. This is Acqua di Parma’s declaration of love for nature where a vibrant explosion of well composed yet individually distinct natural ingredients brings a transparent essence that is vibrantly alive. The fragrance opens with a luminous spark of bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon with touches of pink pepper. A dynamic opening that softens in the warmth where the herbaceous freshness of Lavender pairs with the aromatic Clary Sage. As the harmony concludes a it then establishes its foundation bringing its woody touch through earthy and textured accents. £110.00 Available Acquadiparma.com

Urbanears Luma True Maroon Edition

Urbanears released the Luma earlier this year as a alternative to the overly expensive Apple Earpods, we did a full breakdown on the Luma and their capabilities and found that they were a punchy option with a great price tag. In fact, we’ve used ours every day since! The new ‘True Maroon’ colourway is the perfect tone for autumn and a must have if you don’t already own a pair – know someone who might like them? Christmas is just around the corner.
£79.99, Available Sept 29th, 2020, Urbanears.com

Mr.Marvis Midnight ‘The Longs’

Our favourite shorts brand is back with their AW20 option and believe it or not they’re not shorts. Mr.Marvis have introduced what they call the ‘The Longs’ (thats chinos to me and you) and we’re happy to say they’re as comfortable and hardwearing as their shorter counterparts. Their slim design makes the perfect for business casual or weekend wear, the perfect edition to your wardrobe this autumn  This time round its worth noting, the brand has added a little less elastic in the waistband, without giving in on the much-appreciated stretchiness. Next to brands iconic hidden pocket, they’ve added an extra back pocket to The Longs for a more balanced look… Because let’s face it, you can’t wear shorts all year round… or so we’ve been told.
£109.00, Available Mrmarvis.co.uk

SnowPeak TAKE! Bamboo Long Chair

Snowpeak, its name originates from the famous Japanese mountain, Tanigawa, where the brands founder,Yukio Yamai, repeatedly challenged himself, both physically and mentally, all throughout his early life. Mount Tanigawa is known world-wide not only for the natural beauty of its noble peaks, but also for the numbers that have failed while attempting to reach it’s glorious summit. Based on his personal experiences, in 1958, Yukio sought to create innovative mountaineering equipment which utilised the highly skilled metal processing technology in nearby Tsubame Sanjo, their brands hometown. Many years later, in the 1980s, Snow Peak looked to evolve by shifting its focus from the mountaineering equipment of our past to the camping equipment of our future. Fuelled by the booming national interest in auto-camping sweeping across Japan, the brand released a series of radically innovative products which focused on quality, functionality, timeless-durability and considered design. Now however they’re taking a slightly more consumer approach and have a fantastic array of products for all. One of our favourites and an essential for any camping trip is the TAKE! Bamboo chair. This long version of the “Take!” offers the added comfort of an extended backrest and provides a stylish look without compromising comfort.
£215.00, Available Snowpeak.co.uk


The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta debuted in 2012 and was immediately considered on of the best GTs ever made. With its outstanding chassis and front-mounted 6.3-liter V12, the F12 made the perfect platform for coachbuilder Touring Superleggera’s latest project, the Aero 3 coupe. Inspired by the streamlined race cars of the 1930s, the Aero 3’s most prominent feature is the “shark fin” that nods to both modern F1 cars and the aforementioned classic racers. The all-new carbon-fibre bodywork adds nearly eight inches to the overall length versus the F12 but cuts almost 150kg from the total weight. At the front is an aggressive set of cooling ducts feeding fresh air to the V12 while also providing aero improvements to help the Aero 3 reach a top speed of 211 MPH. Touring Superleggera will build just 15 Aero 3s, with an estimated six months required to finish each build. Enquiry Only, Available Touringsuperleggera.eu


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