Aston Martin Designed A House, Yes, Its As Good As You Hoped

Aston Martin, arguably the makers of the most beautiful cars in the world have partnered with S3 Architecture and have completed their first private residence. The Sylvan Rock House is situated on 55 acres in New York’s Hudson Valley at the end of a 2,000-foot-long driveway. Its blackened cedar-clad exterior emerges from the lush terrain, producing an irregular form that references the natural rock formations on the property. The 5,983-square-foot interior includes four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a wine cellar, and a three-car garage to store your DB5. Wood, leather, and metal set the stage for a series of luxury living spaces while floor-to-ceiling glazing displays the rural landscape. For additional accommodations, the compound (yes, this isn’t just a home) also offers three multi-functional guest pods, a treehouse, and an 873-square-foot pool house. Construction will begin in 2021. Best house ever designed? We think so.

If you can envision yourself and your clutch of Aston Martin’s at home here, then we’ve got good news. Sylvan Rock is currently on the market with Corcoran Country Living asking a reasonable $7.7 million.


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