What We Want This Week

Punchy Drinks 24-Pack

Launched in 2019, Punchy drinks has established a name for itself as the go to premium canned beverage for those of your looking for non-alcoholic adult flavours and natural fruit punches. The natural fruit punch company is known for its products that are packed full of bold flavours such as juicy peach, spicy ginger and fragrant chai, a refreshing cucumber with zingy yuzu and a hint of rosemary as well as zesty blood orange, aromatic bitters and floral cardamom. In a world of low-sugary, eco-friendly, non-artificial flavourings Punchy sit right at the top of the list with their premium flavours and thought-provoking visuals. Each drink is vegan, gluten free, low in sugar and low in calories without any preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Their cans are also 100% plastic free, recyclable and 1% of sales go to charities dedicated to protecting our environment. With each sip these drinks really will send you to a destination far far away in your mind, so much so you’ll feel the sun beating down on your face. Winter is coming, remind your body what summer feels like.
24 Pack – £35.00, Available Punchydrinks.com

HELLY HANSEN, Odin Lifaloft Down Hybrid Insulator Jacket

Winter is well and truly here regardless of it we like it or not and that can mean only one thing, ‘big jacket’ time. But before you head off into Narnia looking for that winter jacket at the back of your wardrobe let us introduce you to the only jacket you really need this winter. Helly Hansen’s Odin Lifaloft Down Hybrid Jacket is everything you’d expect from a leading outdoors brand – warm, lightweight and perfectly structured. A packable jacket designed specifically for mountaineering (so it will have no trouble keeping you warm on that morning dog walk), the insulator is extremely lightweight, while offering added warmth and protection. Built with a combination of LIFALOFT™ and Allied® Down insulation and featuring a new body mapped baffle construction, the jacket provides maximum warmth and no cold spots. The revolutionary baffle construction not only eliminates draft, it also allows the insulator to mold to the wearer’s body to create individualised fit. And don’t worry if you can’t handle the orange it also comes in black. £350.00, Available Hellyhansen.com

Billion Dollar Loser, The Epic Rise & Fall of Adam Neumann & WeWork – By Reeves Wiedeman

It’s the book we’ve all been waiting for. Adam Neumann was set to take WeWork (his office share company disrupting the commercial real estate market) public, cash out on the company’s $47 billion dollar valuation, and break the string of major startups unable to deliver to shareholders. But as employees knew, and investors soon found out, WeWork’s capital was built on promises that the company was more than a real estate purveyor, that in fact it was a transformational technology company. Veteran journalist Reeves Weideman (Contributing editor at New York Magazine) dives deep into WeWork and the CEO’s astronomical rise, from the marijuana and tequila-filled board rooms to cult-like company summer camps and consciousness-raising with Anthony Kiedis. Billion Dollar Loser is a character-driven business narrative that captures the slippery state of global capitalism, through the fascinating if not deluded psyche of a billionaire founder and his wife/co-founder. Hardback, £20.00, Available Amazon.com (Hodder & Stoughton)

Gozney Dome Outdoor Oven

Why you ask are we picking what appears to be a BBQ when winter in here? Well, Gozney are set to change the way we cook outdoors with the launch of the world’s most versatile outdoor oven that will keep you cooking outdoors all year round. The Gozney Dome is a professional grade outdoor oven designed to make wood-fired cooking simple for everyone. Engineered for ease of use, the Dome offers cooking versatility and performance like no other outdoor oven or BBQ on the market. Owners can roast, smoke, steam or bake with this bad boy using either wood or gas. With a list of pioneering features and limitless possibilities, the Dome will turn any garden into the new neighbourhood hotspot and favourite restaurant for friends and family alike, no BBQ will ever be the same again. £1199.00, Available Gozney.com

SnowPeak Flexible Insulated Pullover

Part of SnowPeaks Flexible Insulated series, the Flexible Insulated Pullover offers lightweight warmth and ultra-soft comfort. The outer shell is water-repellant with a moisture-absorbing inner lining and features a crew neck and slightly dropped hem, with two hidden side pockets and convenient chest snap pocket. Size wise its pretty true to fit, so go with your normal size.
£210.00, Available Snowpeak.co.uk


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