G-SHOCK MTG-B2000 Series

Say hello to the new Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000 models, part of the G-Shock MT-G series of watches known for their resilient metal construction. The MTG-B2000 features a new innovation—the Dual Core Guard structure—which accentuates the beauty and feel of metal while retaining a mid-sized case. The watches further advance the Metal Core Guard Structure used in previous MT-G series watches by employing a new Dual Core Guard Structure that incorporates a carbon fibre-reinforced resin case, leveraging the light weight and rigidity of carbon fibre. This new structure creates a watch with more visible metal while retaining the popular mid-sized case and weight that users found to be so wearable in the MTG-B1000 released in 2018. The MTG-B2000 watches also feature Triple G Resist to resist dropping shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibration, ensuring toughness. Both models come with a new layered-composite band made with a higher proportion of resin, paired with metal parts. Each are around 15% lighter than the predecessor model and we think you’ll agree a slightly more refined look. Coming November 2020 the MTG-B2000 models will start at £899.00.

Find out more G-shock.co.uk


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