What We Want This Week

Finisterre Cordium Shirt

Finisterre are leading the charge when it comes to shirts for your winter wardrobe. Blending a traditional workwear fabric with a modern aesthetic, the Cordium is a hardy overshirt designed for the outdoors. The premium Spanish corduroy fabric is both hardwearing and soft, creating a tough utility shirt that stays comfortable during prolonged wear. £110.00, Available Finisterre.com

Freetrain V1 Running Utility Vest

In all honesty when we first saw the Freetrain V1 we thought oh goodie, another runners gimmick. But we were proven wrong, very, very quickly. Light and practical, the Freetrain V1 is an essential for any runner new or advanced. The front pouch is designed to give you seamless access to change song, check maps or even answer calls as well as eliminating bounce or uneven weight distribution, it’s also handy for tucking in a credit or debit card in there too just in case. Two extra pockets are located on either side of the shoulder straps so that you can comfortably store your keys & other smaller items such as energy gels, cash etc. And for those of you who are thinking but surely it isn’t comfortable. You’re wrong. We’ve done over 50K wearing the V1 and you never notice it’s there. £29.99, Available Freetrain.co.uk

Avnier X Saint James collaboration

Saint James, the signature French brand that specializes in the ‘marinière’ (classic striped jumpers) has joined forces with the streetwear label Avnier by the French rapper Orelsan and the stylist Sébastian Strappazzon for a second time. Together they have created a collection with sportswear accents combining a nautical-style updated with urban cuts and bright colors, striking the right balance between casual and tailored. Avnier x Saint James acts against plastic pollution with The SeaCleaners, an association which fights to preserve the oceans and protect their biodiversity. Founded by the Franco-Swiss sailor Yvan Bourgnon, The SeaCleaners aim to collect and treat plastic macro-waste floating on the surface of the oceans using a revolutionary vessel. £160.00, Available Saint-james.com

Bennett Winch Weekend Cargo Bag

What’s the secret to the perfect adventure? The bag of course. Handmade in England from high-performance waterproof nylon, the Bennett Winch Cargo Range is a set of large capacity touring holdalls, designed and tested ‘in the field’. Be it wetsuits or waterproofs, towels or alcohol, the range has been designed specifically for the cargo-heavy road trip, where capacity is king. The large and medium bags are the clear work horses of the collection, and the small is the sturdy day trip companion. Military grade webbing, Tuscan leather trim and solid brass hardware are built to last, while the nylon construction makes each bag as lightweight as it is rugged.
Prices start at £325.00 Available Bennettwinch.com

New Balance ‘More Trail’ Fresh Foam

The terrain out on the trail can be uneven, slippery, or just downright uncomfortable. New Balance uses its thickest Fresh Foam insole to make these trail sneakers as comfortable as possible. In addition to the lightweight foam cushioning, they also have a water-resistant, breathable synthetic/mesh upper and a colorful lugged outsole for secure footing in any conditions. Perfect for those winter trails. £140.00, Available Runnersneed.com


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