Wilderness Reserve – Chapel Barn

If someone asked us where we were dying to stay after lockdown it would have to be Wilderness Reserve. The luxury holiday cottages are quite frankly incredible, all set on 5,000 acres of private land, this really is the place outdoors lovers need to go. Wilderness Reserve has recently opened its second country estate, Chapel Barn and what a place it is. Created with the help of eminent landscape architect Kim Wilkie, Chapel Barn is set on the 5,000 acres in the Suffolk countryside. Accommodation options range from the one-bed electricity-free Hovel, set by the lake, through to Chapel Barn itself, which comes with 18 en-suite bedrooms. All seven properties may be rented individually – for one night to one month – though the estate hits a high note when booked exclusively, with space for up to 90 overnight guest (yep that’s right, you’re own private playground). The modern luxury each cottage has to offer is paired with each’s individuality and timeless beauty as well as each building being sensitively restored, employing the traditional methods of local artisans. Chapel Barn (once a 15th-century farmstead) has all the charm of its heritage intact and yet comes with a host of luxury facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, cinema, gym and spa. The Chapel Barn will attract guests keen on stepping back into a picturesque fantasy, while connecting with the best of the British countryside. Conservation and sustainability are central tenets of its ethos of the brand and over one million trees have already been planted as well as friendly neighbours that include cattle and sheep. Looking to stay active during your stay? Stand-up paddleboarding, clay-pigeon shooting and axe throwing are great go-tos or if you fancy something a little more relaxing pick from a choice of spa treatments. Other activities include bonfire experiences and child-friendly owl encounters, bike rides around the estate on your own traditional Pashley bicycles. Prices start at £3,635.00

Find out more Wildernessreserve.com


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