A Timeless Classic For The Modern Age

Originally founded in California in 1976, Banzai Inc. released one of the most timeless skateboard designs in the sub-culture’s history. Made entirely from anodised aluminium, it went on to become an icon of sidewalk surfing and early pool skating. With its colourful, high grain varnish and Space-Age design elements, Banzai embodied an aesthetic much closer to the era’s defining spirit than other skateboards of its time. Fast forward 44 years, Banzai have set out with a vision of capturing the spirits of sophisticated design enthusiasts around the world by celebrating the brand’s heritage by releasing a limited edition collectors rerun of the brand’s most original shapes using classic design, upgraded with modern production techniques and high-end materials. Limited to an edition of 50 boards per colour & size (23.5” & 28.5”), each board comes in a high-grade collectors box featuring a signed art print by one the artists: David Carson, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Todd Glaser, and Cole Barash. Let’s be honest, even if you aren’t a skater we think you’ll agree this would make a fantastic statement piece in your office or lounge. From £499.00.

Find out more at Banzaiskate.com


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