Briston Clubmaster Pro Diver

Brand: Briston  

Model: Clubmaster Pro Diver 

Key Features: Italian Black Acetate: Handmade Matte Finish or full 316L Stainless Steel With Vertical Brushed Finish, Mechanical Movement With Automatic Winding With Ball Bearing, Water Resistance: 300m/30 ATM

Best For: The Explorer  

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £650.00 


If you love diving then Briston watches offer elegance and performance at an affordable price. The brands Clubmaster Pro Diver is the perfect example of this and it’s a marvel to behold. This watch offers a perfect sporty and elegant look both on land and at sea, holding its own during swims in the ice cold waters of the UK or trekking in the woods of Dorset on a foraging outing. What we enjoy most of the Clubmaster Pro is its robustness. We may have accidentally dropped the Briston off a port wall and it may have bounce (more than a couple of times) before hitting the water. After a quick dip to retrieve it you’ll be glad to know he didn’t have a scratch on it. One bit of advice we would give if you were to buy this particular piece is avoid the nylon NATO strap, it slips easily on thinner wrists and does tend to rub and get a little itchy. Overall this is a fantastic piece and should most certainly cost more than its advertised price in our opinion. But that’s the attraction of Briston, luxury elegance at an affordable price.


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