Sage Barista Pro Coffee Machine

Brand: Sage

Model:  Barista Pro  

Key Features: Intuitive LCD Interface – ThermoJet Heating System – Built In Conical Burr Grinder – Digital Temperature Control – Build In Steam Wand – Precise Espresso Extraction – 54mm Porta Filter

Ease Of Use: 7/10

Flavour and Process: 9/10 

Best For:  The Budding Barista 

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £699.95



This coffee machine is super special, a machine for those budding barista’s who want to get stuck in and craft your own unique coffee, just for you and your taste. The year 2020 meant we spent a lot of time at home and instead of venturing out to our local coffee shops, but then again 2020 was all about learning new skills so thought, heck, why not. So we learnt how to craft a great cup of coffee in the comfort of our own home, is there a better skill to have? At first glance, this machine looks modern and sleek sitting on your countertop, the professional looking vibe will definitely make your friends and family jealous and make you feel like a pro from the word go. From steaming hot espressos to foaming lattes, the Barista Pro gives you the scope to be creative and to experiment. Don’t get us wrong this machine requires a bit more attention than your usual ‘push a button’ coffee machine. But if you have a creative flare and a true interest in creating the best cup of coffee, this new gadget is right up your street. Some of the key features that are worth noting that you’ll need to get used to are customising your grind size, as well as getting that micro-foam milk just right. All in the Barista Pro allows you to deliver the right amount of coffee on demand, it may not be the quickest coffee of your life, but it will be made with time, care and attention. Best of all you can perfect your latte art with their powerful steam wand (this takes a while to perfect, trust us). 2020’s been a year, so treat yourself. You can thank us later.


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