Every Gift A Man Really Wants This Christmas

G-Shock Heart Rate Monitor, GBD-H1000 Series

The GBD-H1000 is packed with five-sensor functions. In addition to an optical sensor that can measure heart rate by detecting the blood flow under the skin, the watch also has a triple sensor that measures altitude/barometric pressure and temperature, and an acceleration sensor that measures step count and distance traveled. By analyzing the measured data, the watch can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity, and if you connect the watch with a dedicated app on a smartphone, the user can manage measurement data history such as calories burned and logged travel. Perfect for those health conscious individuals. £379.00, G-shock.co.uk

Under Armour HOVR Phantom 2 ColdGear Reactor Running Shoes

During 2020 running has very much become the ‘in-thing’ to do. With lockdowns in place and our outdoor activities restricted to 1hr a day the world decided to put on their running shoes and hit the pavement to get rid some of that stress/extra energy they found themselves having. Maybe you’ve decided you like running and in fact it is now part of your daily schedule. Well, for anyone serious about their running they most certainly need the right tools for the job, this is where Under Armour’s new HOVR Phantom 2 ColdGear Reactor running shoes come in. A ‘winterized’ version of the brands already popular shoe, these are fully water repellent and built for harsher, damper environments. Best of it they, like all the latest shoes from UA connect to the brands MAPMYRUN app which will allow you to track every step of your favourite new hobby. £130.00, Available Underarmour.co.uk

Under Armour Run Anywhere Storm Jacket

Another one for the runners out there is the lightweight, water repellent Storm Jacket. The jacket is fully packable into its own bag inside secure, zip left hand pocket as well as repelling water without sacrificing breathability. Running on a windy day? Have no fear the wind-resistant, ripstop woven fabric delivers superior protection & durability. Perfect for all those early morning winter runs. £105.00, Available Underarmour.co.uk

TOPL 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup

How many reusable coffee cups have you had in the last 24 months? Be honest. And how many times using those cups have you ended up covering yourself or your car or even someone else on the tube in boiling hot (normally mildly warm) coffee? Well say goodbye to those days and say hello to TOPL. The brands unique design has a lockable lid meaning your coffee stays in the cup (and not all over your hands) or even worse accidentally knocking it over. The Spill-Safe Technology will activate automatically, snapping shut the built in lid so that you never have to worry about hot liquid damaging you or your laptop again. Another handy little feature is the 360 lid that regulates flow meaning you can sip your hot drink from any angle without scolding your lips. All in all, ditch whatever mug you’re currently using and buy this immediately. £24.00, Available Toplcup.com

Oakley Suntro Lite

 Cyclist, pay attention. Inspired by the daily life of urban cyclists, Oakley has released the Sutro Lite. A semi-rimless version of the Sutro frame shape, featuring a high-wrap shield. The lightweight design results in a bold, versatile look that protects from the elements and enhances vision with Prizm™ Lens Technology. An Unobtainium® temple featuring ridged texture provides improved retention so the frame never loses grip, even during the most intense rides. Available in six colorways across standard fit and four colorways across Asia fit, Sutro Lite provides riders greater field-of-view, whether their rides lead them to urban roads or wooded trails. With Sutro Lite, Oakley builds off the success of its Sutro frame, now in a pared-down version for the cyclist that prefers a more sleek design. £143.00, Available Oakley.com

The Barisieur Immersion Edition

London-based design house Joy Resolve has released The Barisieur Immersion Edition, a bedside alarm clock-brewing hybrid that’s programmed to make an excellent cup of fresh coffee. It works alongside the alarm to make a fresh brew as soon as you wake up. To soon? Set it so you have a cup ready to go at your deskside as you work from home. The technology is housed in a beautifully modern body that features a walnut or blond timber tray, where the fancy glassware sits, as well as a retro-themed digital display for the alarm. Finishing trims range from a black or white base. £345.00, Available Joyresolve.com

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95

When it comes to audio and design synergy B&O are always the go-to brand, aiming to innovate and create truly iconic designs. The Danish outfit has created a product that beautifully combines eye-catching design and show-stopping performance to celebrate its 95th anniversary. A combination of exceptional adaptive active noise cancellation, incredible comfort, sleek design and outstanding sound performance makes B&O H95 the perfect luxury travel companion for globetrotters. Bang & Olufsen have crafted a pair of headphones using luxurious metal and fabrics to deliver an ultra-premium product in both build-quality, long-lasting comfort, and elegant style. Equipped with high-quality titanium drivers tuned to Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound, the H95 will also deliver a top-level immersive audio experience when travelling. £700.00, Available Bang-olufsen.com

Polk Signa S3

Want to be rocking around the Christmas tree this year? You’re going to need the Polk Signa S3 sound bar then. The Signa S3 comes with Chromecast for Audio built into the Signa S3 and can stream great-sounding content simply from Google Play Music, Amazon Music HD, Spotify, Tidal, Roon, Qobuz, and more. The Signa S3 also works with Google Assistant, making it simple to queue up and play music with voice commands using a separate Google Home device or the Google Home app. The only soundbar you’ll need for keeping you entertained into 2021.
£279.00, Available Polkaudio.com

A Poor Collector’s Guide To Buying Great Art

Aside from being the first person to complete the Three Poles Challenge, Erling Kagge is an avid collector of international contemporary art and serves on the board of the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. He’s sharing his expertise with aspiring collectors in A Poor Collector’s Guide to Buying Great Art. The hardcover book advises readers on the basics of where to buy it, how the process works, and how to make good investments. It also dives into dialing in on your taste, searching for and appraising pieces, and finding partners to help build a collection you’ll love for a lifetime. £21.99, Available Amazon.co.uk

Masterclass Annual Subscription

Ever wanted to learn to cook from Gordon Ramsay? How to make films from Martin Scorsese? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to write with Malcolm Gladwell or Margaret Atwood? If you or anyone you know ever felt in need of advice from industry titans to get better at a side hustle or hobby, Masterclass is an ideal gift. From £14.17 per month. masterclass.com

NOMAD Goods Apple Watch Sport Strap

Designed to give your Apple Watch a modern and sleek athletic look te NOMAD sport strap is perfect for intense workouts and everyday wear. The Sport Strap has a lightweight and breathable design which is constructed from a soft, flexible FKM rubber for all-day comfort. A low-profile pin-and-tuck mechanism ensures a secure closure. £37.00, Available Nomadgoods.com

Woodford Reserve Very Fine Rare Bourbon

The Master’s Collection from Woodford Reserve has been an annual staple for the past 15 years. But this year’s release is something truly special. Very Fine Rare bourbon includes liquid from barrels that are 17 years old and date back to the year when current Master Distiller Chris Morris inherited the role. The new release also debuts a brand new bottle design that references the classic flask-shaped Woodford bottle from the past. The 90.4 proof bourbon is also the first to bear the names of Morris and assistant master distiller Elizabeth McCall since she was named to her post in 2018. £97.00, Available Woodfordreserve.com

Globe-Trotter 12-Slot Watch Case

Securing up to twelve of your precious timepieces, the new addition to the Centenary collection is the largest Watch Case produced by Globe-Trotter. Made from vulcanised fibre board and leather trim, the case features lockable latches on either side of the lid and is complete with a removable internal compartment with individual cushions lined with plush fabric. The limited-edition collection is offered in a range of colours and can be tailored to your needs with the brands bespoke service. £2,100.00, Available Globe-trotter.com

The North Face L5 LIGHT FUTURELIGHT Jacket

Like it’s more rugged sister the L5 FUTURELIGHT Jacket, the L5 Light FUTURELIGHT Jacket defies expectations in the mountains with the highest level of durable, breathable-waterproof protection. This three-layer shell is more pliable and tactile, and together with the 3D ergonomic design it’s ideal for more dynamic climbs on steeper terrain. A fully adjustable, helmet-compatible hood with wire brim and perforated chin guard help you lock out bad weather when fully geared up.
£400.00, Available Thenorthface.co.uk

MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket

Ever wanted a sauna but haven’t got the space? Now you can get the sauna experience at home. MiHIGH’s game-changing new at-home Infrared Sauna Blanket boasts an impressive array of health benefits, from detoxifying and calming qualities that enhance the body and mind, to an impressive calorie burn and a winning recovery formula to boot. The infrared heat penetrates the skin seven times more efficiently than regular saunas to flush out toxins, boost collagen levels and open up the skin’s pores to support its rejuvenation. Able to facilitate a calorie burn of up to 600 calories in just 30-minutes too, the release of mood boosting chemicals including dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins will act to alleviate stress and improve sleep quality.
£399.99 Available Mihigh.co.uk


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