Living With…Seat Ateca Xperience

Brand: SEAT  

Model: Ateca Xperience  

Key Features:  1.5 TSI Engine | 7-Speed Automatic Gear Box | 18″ Alloy Wheels | In-Car Apple Play With 8.25″ Colour Touchscreen | Wireless Phone Charger | Tiredness Recognition System | Keyless Start/Stop | SEAT Connect: Safety Service with 10 Year Subscription Included. Includes Private emergency call, Breakdown call and Service scheduling | Rear Camera | 360 Parking Sensors | Autonomous Emergency Braking System |

Best For: The Family That Wants Some Fun  

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £29,455.00


The 2020 Seat Ateca is a thing of beauty. Pure and simple. Sleeker headlights and a new chrome grille all add up to mean the SEAT Ateca now looks like a smaller version of the Tarraco. Around the back you get new LED tail lights – with sweeping indicators on FR and Xperience models, personally we think there something very satisfying about them – and new exhaust trims. The ‘Ateca’ name is now scrolled in a handwritten-style font much like on the new Leon. Inside is just as sleek as the exterior, with a redesigned of the steering wheel, you get new inner door coverings and new matte trims. Top-of-the-range Xperience models windscreens also get a Climacoat coating for quicker defrosting – which we timed at around 80 seconds on a seriously frosty morning.

There’s a larger tech screen with all the fun stuff, moving up from 8 inches to 8.2 inches or 9.2 inches in SE Technology models and upwards. The 9.2-inch system features voice activation connected services. To spark it into life all you need to do is say “hola hola” – how Spanish – and the system will ask you how it can help.

Safety has also been a big focus on the Ateca getting Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control that uses info from the car’s sat-nav system to automatically slow down for corners, roundabouts and junctions when you’re heading down the motorway with the cruise control on. Exit Assist is another new piece of kit that’s only fitted to Xperience cars. It warns you if you’re attempting to pull out in front of traffic when you’re leaving a space and can apply the brakes to stop a collision if it needs to – pretty smart.

Engine wise, we tested the 1.5L TSI Auto Petrol with a 7 speed gearbox. Day to day the engine and gearbox collaboration was smooth and tentative, making it great for driving around town and we found it was awake enough to move quickly when you need to put your foot down. The 1.5-litre lump also comes with a clever cylinder deactivation system, which can shut down two of the engine’s four cylinders for improved economy – and, when paired with the dual-clutch automatic gearbox SEAT says it will return up to 45.6mpg. On an airfield we found to be hitting 0-60 in about 8.3 seconds, pretty impressive for such a big “family” car, and you’re also looking at a top speed of about 124mph, again not bad. Overall we’d say the SEAT Ateca is the perfect car for those looking for a family car that has something special about it, an X factor that makes you look at the VW Golf GTI next to you and think “yeah, I could if I wanted to..” especially if you flick it out of comfort mode and into sport mode (all of which is customisable to your own driving style) then you’re really flying. In the corners we can only use the only adage of ‘corners like it’s on rails’ but that’s because it’s true. A car this size shouldn’t be as nimble as it is especially weighing in at just over 1400kg. As for ride comfort, we’ll give it a 4/5 either way the chassis soaks up most imperfections without too much hassle anyways. The steering isn’t overly assisted which is great, and you find the pedals have a decent amount of weight behind them, which means it’s way more fun to drive than rivals such as the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai.

Now down to the bit that everyone really cares about, how much is this thing going to cost me month to month on fuel? Well, you’ll be happy to know not as much as you’d probably think. We averaged about 40mpg day to day doing a mixture of town and motorway driving, baring in mind we were a little heavy footed at times (for testing purposes of course!). On fill up, we found a full tank costs you around £60.00. Not bad really.

Overall the SEAT Ateca is our new favourite day to day SUV. Affordable, spacious, comfortable, well equipped and techy enough without oversaturating the driver. It also has that bit of ASBO racer boy speed and acceleration about it when you want it. Pretty much every family mans perfect car. We’re happy to say that SEAT have easily retained their spot among the top as one of the leaders in the hyper-competitive mid-size SUV class.


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