Finisterre Launch Hell Or High Water Podcast

From free divers to ocean conservationist, surfers to marine biologists; the Finisterre Podcast ‘Hell Or High Water’ dives deep into the lives of those connected with our seas and beyond. These are the new seasiders, the nonconformists and the mavericks. Inspired by the sea to better protect what we love. In episode 1 Finisterre welcome their Ambassador, Easkey Britton to the show. Irish surfing champion and pioneering big wave surfer, social scientist and artist; from Ireland to Iran, many here will be familiar with Easkey’s journey through surf. Exploring and promoting equality and inclusivity through surfing and the power of water, Easkey continues to amaze the team at Finisterre in her steadfast determination and her ability to carry several projects at once. At risk of this fast becoming a 3-hour long episode, Finisterre chose to focus on what has been most recently occupying Easkey’s time with her work in academia and the subject of the Blue Spaces. From Blue Mind theories to Blue Care services and the importance of human connection to the ocean environment and nature in general – of course all the more relevant as we find ourselves in a global pandemic yearning for the outdoors and time spent in on or around the sea.

Check out Episode 1 of Hell Or High Water on Spotify and other providers now.


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