The Products To Up Your Fitness Gains

Featuring Active Noise Cancellation with a Transparency mode and an all-new breakthrough design, AirPods Pro reinvent the way you enjoy your favourite tunes. Suitable for even the most strenuous of workouts, AirPods Pro offer sweat and water resistance. Designed for comfort and fit, each earbud comes with three different sizes of soft, flexible silicone ear tips for an unmatched, superior seal for immersive sound.  AirPods Pro, £249.00

Gyms aren’t going to be opening any time soon so it’s time you took your home gym more seriously. Eleiko are the people you need to ease your training stresses. The brands Athletic package allows for easy portability mixed with training on high-quality equipment wherever you choose to set-up your training space. The Kettlebell and dumbbell sets offer more training variety and programming options, so if the weather isn’t great simply head inside and carry on those sets. For additional flexibility, add an adjustable bench to this set up for an added cost. The Athletic setup includes: Eleiko Classic Squat Rack, Eleiko XF Set – 128kg, Set of P2I Resistance Bands, Eleiko Vulcano Dumbbell Set – 8, 16, 22Kg and a Eleiko Kettlebell Training Set – 8, 12, 16kg.
Eleiko Athletic Package, £3,029.00

Bulldog Gear Atlas Balls are a robust slam ball. With weights ranging from 35 – 75kg at 5kg increments and an approximate diameter of 38cm, these balls are a great tool for home workouts. Bulldogs soft Atlas Balls are kinder on your floor and have a dead-bounce, so they won’t roll away when the ball is dropped or put it down.  You can use the Atlas Balls to conduct a multitude of lifts including cleans, shoulder presses, thrusters, shouldering, deadlifts, and front squats to name a few. Simply lifting an Atlas Stone over your head requires a large amount of pure power and strength and each ball has a textured surface to aid grip when sweaty and handling the ball., Starting at £90.00

Chela MZB Sport Formula Mega Capsules are a complex combination of three high-quality active ingredients which facilitate the daily diet supplementation of absorbable magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Properly selected, by specialists from the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company, portions of individual components and their real, multifaceted action proven by scientific research, provide effective support for physically and mentally active people. Daily and regular supplementation with Chela MZB Sport Formula Mega Capsules will contribute to, normal muscle function (magnesium), normal testosterone levels in the blood (zinc), normal function of the nervous system (magnesium) and the immune system (zinc), as well as normal macronutrient metabolism (zinc) and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B6, magnesium). £11.96

When you think of running you think of Swiss running shoe brand On. Its Cloud X is built for tackling the great outdoors, be it road or trail these are the one pair of runners you need. The shoe’s “CloudTec” sole gives you the kind of cushioning to cater for those bursts of movement or long runs and the “Zero-Gravity” foam ensures they don’t feel bulky when you’re on the move either. To aid comfort, there’s a dual-density sock liner to battle through long, hard sessions and a knit-weave upper to offer added support and keep sweat and moisture down to a minimum too. On Cloud X, £130.00

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Hyperice’s recovery gear is used by big-name athletes and sports teams think NBA, NFL to name a few leagues and its Hypervolt Plus gun comes well prepared to tackle your pain. It’s Bluetooth-equipped to put greater control into the hands of the phone app, which can automatically adjust speeds during sessions. The array of LED lights indicates current speed setting while QuietGlide technology makes it a quieter gun to use than the non-Plus version of its Hypervolt gun. 
Hyperice Volt Plus £399.00

Yes it be very similar to its predecessor, but the Series 6 is all about small changes that really matter. The biggest of those is the new blood oxygen monitoring function, unfortunately more relevant than ever. Add to this a brighter always-on display that’s legible at all times of day, Apple’s thorough but idiot-proof fitness tracking and a vast selection of compatible apps and you have what’s easily the best Apple Watch ever. Most of the time, nailing the basics is more than enough., From £379.00

Assault bikes are hellish contraptions, but they’re also an incredible piece of kit for increasing lung capacity and overall fitness and endurance. Assault bikes or ‘Air Bikes’ as they’re also known provides a diverse and virtually unlimited workout to meet the needs of different individuals by challenging your ability and strength. Using air resistance, the Assault bike scales automatically to keep up with you as you push, pull and pedal with greater force and speed – the greater the resistance, the greater the benefits!, £749.00


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