Apple AirPods Pro

Brand: Apple

Model: Airpods Pro  

Key Features:  Active Noise Cancelling | Transparency Mode | Customisable Fit | Sweat & Water Resistant | Speech Detection & Motion Accelerometer Sensors | Apple H1 System | Force Sensor Controls | Message Announcements | Audio Sharing | Long Life Battery | Wireless Charging Case | Bluetooth 5.0 Connection |

Best For: Everyday listening & On The Go  

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £249.00 


When it comes to design elegance there really is only one name that comes to mind every time, Apple. Since their start in 1976 the brands obsession with design and performance has led to them being the most successful technology company of all time. Steve Jobs of course was the genius (and sometimes tyrannical leader) of the brands journey towards design perfection. Now in the year 2021, if Jobs could see what his brand is designing now, what do you think he would say?

The Apple Airpod Pros are somewhat of a hard product to review, but why? Simply put, as with most Apple products they are in a class of their own. As we all know the headphones market is a hyper-saturated marketplace, with every shape, colour and audio balancing sequence you could ever imagine. Most of it may we add is complete and utter shite, made of cheap plastic and tinny audio quality, you’ll often find yourself wondering what on earth they’re saying on your favourite podcast, especially when there’s so much of a touch of wind or bus driving past you hear nothing at all. With the Airpods you know from the second you slide the famous slow slide lid off that you’re getting absolutely nothing but 100% quality and performance. Connecting to the AirPods Pro is as simple as ever on an iOS device, though you will need to update to iOS 13.2 in order to connect. When you first open the case the first thing that pops up on your device will be a prompt on a small card pops up from the bottom and then all you have to do is press “Connect.” After you do that, they will be paired with every other device on your iCloud account as well (as long as it’s on the most up to date system). The card that pops up will give you some helpful information like battery life on the charging case and both earbuds. And how we hear you ask do we connect if you’re on an Android device? Well that’s easy, ditch the Android and get yourself on iOS, champ.

The AirPods Pro bring the magic of the famous AirPods to an all-new level with Active Noise Cancellation that really leaves you feeling completely immersed. But if you’re worried that you might become too entranced in your playlist have no fear, as Apple’s Transparency mode allows you to still be able to hear environment around you. A nice little touch is the customizable fit with three sizes of silicone ear tips that will aid in all-day comfort. And if you’re like us and enjoy a few 5K’s during the week you’ll be glad to know the AirPods Pro not only nestle perfectly into your ears (and so far have never fallen out into a puddle…Unlike some, mentioning no names) but are also sweat and water resistant so they’re perfect for any kind of exercise and active lifestyles.

For those of you who prefer not to hear the outside world when you’re listening to your favourite podcast, the Apple Airpod Pros are the only in-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation that continuously adapt to individual ear geometry and headphone fit. An outward-facing microphone detects external sound, and earphones then counter it with equal anti-noise, canceling outside noise before you hear it. At the same time an inward-facing microphone listens inside your ear, enabling AirPods Pro to also eliminate unwanted internal sound with anti- noise, continuously adjusting at 200 times per second for real-time noise cancellation and truly immersive sound. Now that’s pretty impressive, no? As part of this Apple also created the Ear Tip Fit Test to help ensure that users get the best audio experience from AirPods Pro by testing the quality of the ear tip seal and identifying the best ear tip size. Then, while music is playing, advanced algorithms work together with the inward-facing microphone in each AirPod to measure the sound in the user’s ear. An algorithm then detects whether the ear tip is the right size and has a good fit or should be adjusted to create a better seal. After using ours for less than a week now we simply refuse to leave the house without them. The sound quality is incredible and unlike with other brands you find yourself able to have perfect sound qualify at low volumes, even whilst out walking along busy streets.

And of course as with all members of the AirPods family, simply take AirPods out of their beautifully designed case and they’re ready to use with all your devices and with the Wireless Charging Case, charging is pretty simple, with around 24hrs listening time + additional charges with the case itself. You’ll soon find yourself leaving the house with the pat-down of phone – Check! wallet – Check! keys – Check! Airpod Pro’s – Check! All in all the Apple Airpod Pro’s are incredible and like all of the brands products intertwine performance and design effortlessly.

So back to our question at the start of this piece. If Steve Jobs could see what his brand is designing now, what do you think he would say?

Well, based solely on the Apple Airpods Pro we think his answer would be

“Perfection Achieved”.


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