The Outdoor Tool You’ve Been Missing

Coffee gear is becoming ever more technical but also increasingly less travel friendly. Often utilising fragile materials to make it look better for the gram. VSSL are not messing about with their new VSSL Java coffee grinder. Not only does it look incredible but it’s absolutely bombproof and most importantly a dream to use. The Java uses a professional grade stainless steel burr grinder to ensure the best possible grind for maximum flavour from every cup of coffee. Some of the competitors out there such as the Rhino hand grinder are slightly smaller but there’s a huge sacrifice in quality and ease of use. If you’ve ever used one of the ultra compact ‘outdoor travel’ grinders you’ll understand the pain of taking ages to grind them and that moment where the lid flies off and your beans fly EVERYWHERE – this will not be an issue with the Java as the lid has a locking system…its details like this which blow all the others out of the water. Simple stuff done well. The VSSL Java was launched on Kickstarter and backers should be receiving their grinders any day now (if not already). If you’re late to the kickstarter don’t worry though as they will launch on


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