Urbanista London Earphones

Brand: Urbanista  

Model: London  

Key Features:  Active Noise Cancelling | Transparency Mode | Customisable Fit | Sweat & Water Resistant | Speech Detection & Motion Accelerometer Sensors | 25hr Battery | Ambient Sound Mode | Wireless Charging Case | In-Ear Detection | Touch Control

Best For: Everyday listening  

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £129.00 

Buy: Urbanista.com

The Urbanista London earphones are an intelligent, simply designed earphone that are perfectly balanced for everyday listening. Their active noise cancelling reduces unwanted sound with a superior precision, while the new Ambient sound mode will enforce and define outside voices without the need to lower the volume or hit pause, a handy addition if you commute the busy streets of London or NYC. Available in 5 popular colours with customisable silicon tips, the London has 5hrs playtime with an additional 4 charges in the case and is compatible with all Qi-certified chargers. Connectivity is seamless with mobile devices and the London is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, however we did have one issue. During our testing we experienced connectivity issues with an older macbook during Zoom calls where the connection would drop out, however apart from that they worked brilliantly every day with multiple devices. The tidy little ‘Urbanista’ logo on each earbud represents the touch-control area. Sensitivity is pretty good, and it doesn’t take long to commit the few relevant controls to your memory – ‘play/pause’, ‘volume up/down’ ‘answer/end/reject call’ active noise-cancelling on/off’, ‘ambient sound on/off’ are all available easily and reliably. Comfort wise they’re the perfect fit and comfortable for long periods of wear – we should know, we did a 5 hour stint in them to prove it – All in all, the Urbanista London’s have ticked most of the boxes for what consumers want from a good, reliable everyday earphone. The tiny details make for an earphone with incredible clarity and natural sound. At £129.00 they’re as affordable as they are elegant. We’d say it’s money well spent.


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