Many Intelligences, The Book To Help You Understand AI

The Artificial Intelligence debate is part of our everyday lives, yet not many experts have simplified the topic enough for children or even a lot of adults to understand, and be able to discuss. But why should we care? Well children are, after all, the ones who will be living the magnitude effect in a future that is not too far-off. Award-winning product designer and ex-Googler Matteo Loglio is looking to change this narrative by taking readers on a ride into the world of Intelligence and AI. The book “Many Intelligences”, shows a positive glimpse into a distant future, a less-gloomy alternative where artificial companions will work together with humans, speak a different language, and even compose new music and art. Through a consistent storyline and some of the finest illustrations, the script draws from the author’s vast experience in education and visual communication. Matteo is a designer, educator and entrepreneur who creates future products and interactions. His peculiar profile and natural abilities to make complex subjects accessible through simple products and experiences, came in as the perfect recipe, all in all creating the perfect book to help educate the masses and children on how AI works and how it could benefit our future.

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