1958 Aston Martin DB4

Just before the 1958 Paris Auto Show, Marcel Blondeau of Garage Mirabeau held a private party for his most discerning clientele. Highlighted under the showroom spotlights was Aston Martin’s brand-new offering – the all-new DB4. In fact, it was this exact Aston Martin DB4, chassis DB4/102/L, that took pride of place at Blondeau’s party. Days later, this DB4 would take center stage at the 1958 Paris Auto Show – becoming the first DB4 to be presented to the general public. Aston Martin had been working on the DB4 since 1956, when General Manager John Wyer selected Touring of Milan to design the successor to the DB2/4, alongside Aston Martin’s internal engineers – Chassis Designer Harold Beach, and Engine Designer Tadek Marek. With a new decade rapidly approaching, it was decided to start this car from scratch – every major component in the DB4 was brand new. By 1986, DB4/102/L was sporting a deep burgundy paint colour and was still in France under the ownership of Mr. Mihel Alzon. A large number of invoices and letters remain with the vehicle dating from Mr. Alzon’s ownership. Upon passing to another owner in 1987, a valuation was performed. At this time, the original mileage appeared to be around 168,000 km, with the odometer showing 68,622 km. It was noted that the mechanics appeared to have had a recent overhaul and were in an excellent state. The DB4 would remain with this owner until 2016, when it was sold to the current owner. At this time, the car was resprayed to the original colour of Desert White, and the carpets were replaced. Now, you have the opportunity to own this beautiful piece of history, and its all yours for £1.2M. Find out more Rmsothebys.com


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