Garmin MARQ Athlete Edition

Brand: Garmin  


Key Features: High Performance Rubber Strap | 12 Day Battery Life | Advanced Training & Performance Metrics | Built-in Turn-By-By Navigation | Advanced Running Dynamics Measurements | PACEPRO Technology | Hydration Tracking | ClimbPro Asecent Planner | Pulse OX Sensor | HR Sensor | Daily Stress Scores

Best For: The Weekend Warrior / Fitness Enthusiast  

Top Features: Advanced Training & Performance Metrics | Pulse OX Sensor | 12 Day Battery Life

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £1,300.00



The MARQ Collection uses very select materials, meticulously crafted and designed with the utmost attention to quality that help guarantee performance in the most demanding of environments. Each watch is built from titanium, which is lightweight and incredibly strong, and then combined with a domed sapphire crystal for ultimate scratch resistance, this creates the solid core for all MARQ watches. To complement the character of each MARQ watch, an innovative premium strap completes the look, allowing owners to match their style with Garmin’s interchangeable QuickFit strap solution. The MARQ Athlete is everything you want a sports watch to be. Functional, beautiful and an extension of yourself. Its performance optimized design and the powerful carbon gray/ force yellow sports theme makes the MARQ Athlete the clear choice for the endurance athlete. The bezel proudly presents what matters most to the athlete, such as your V02 max and recovery time, all visible at a glance to the wrist. Additionally, MARQ Athlete includes advanced running dynamics to further track workout stats, measure progress and fine-tune your form. With sensors for various biometrics, athletes can gain additional insights into their body’s performance both on training days and rest days. The MARQ Athlete also provides a perfect balance in its wearability easily transitioned from early morning 10K, to the office and after work drinks. Some of our favourite features are the advanced running metrics with the ability to measure your type of training better (was your run more aerobic or anaerobically focused) as well as the usual pace monitoring and breakdown of the different heart rate zones you sent time in during your run (or other training, as the watch covers multiple). Truth be told, we’ve worn an Apple Watch and Whoop strap for a very long time, the latter providing incredible daily insights and will never be replaceable. However the Garmin MARQ Athlete has rendered the Apple Watch obsolete. Not only does it look better and provides a little individuality (you don’t match everyone else walking down the street who prefers a smart watch to their traditional counterparts) but it performs so much better, the list is endless and so is its battery life. So then, the Garmin MARQ Athlete has proven itself one of the premier watches on the market at the moment. And unlike a lot of sports cars of the day it doesn’t sacrifice performance for style, it simply delivers both in equal measures. Surely you need no more motivation to go and get one? Go on, off you go.


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