Recipes For The Fuelling The Machine

Alan Murchison is a Michelin-starred chef with over 25 years experience working within the culinary elite (he alone helped a Michelin star for the best part of a decade as well as 4 AA Rosettes at the restaurant L’Ortolan). Not only is he competitive heavyweight in the kitchen but it would appear it spills out into his personal life as a World & European age group duathlon champion, national level master’s cyclist and an ex-international endurance runner. The chef 49-year-old chef also clocks up just shy of 300 miles in a typical week. His personal best over 100 miles is apparently 3 hours 36 minutes. Because of this food meets fitness lifestyle it’s no surprise Mr.Murchison decided to combine his passions by providing bespoke nutrition support for professional athletes, from first-timers to Olympic gold medalists he is the man in the know when it comes to all things food. The new book is a follow up from his award-winning (what a surprise) first book ‘The Cycling Chef’ and is a book for anyone who is trying to find that extra edge in competition, preferably cycling (chapters are divided between off-season, pre-season and mid-season) or simply just looking to create a more balanced lifestyle for themselves. As a leading sports nutritionist and chef Mr.Murchison reveals how the reader can enjoy delicious, nutritious and well balanced food that will aid in long-term weight-management whilst positively impacting your performance on the bike and covers everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to rainbow like snacks and of course, he’s even provided options for those of you who are veggies and vegans. But if you think this all sounds too ‘boring and healthy’ for you, well you’re a fool and one of our favourite dishes from the book proves this, let us introduce the ‘Boozy Beef Casserole With Root Veg, Suet & Thyme Dumplings’.

‘Boozy Beef Casserole With Root Veg, Suet & Thyme Dumplings’


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