The New Peoples Champion

The Barlow pocket knife was and still is the epitome of the American “folding knife.” Created over three centuries ago in England and perfected in America, the Barlow quickly became Americans’ preferred blade, regardless of class or status. The Barlow’s traditional pattern-long bolster, teardrop-shaped handle, and clip point blade made it the perfect EDC tool, reliable in any situation. In fact, it was a knife so perfect that Presidents Washington and Lincoln never left home without theirs. If ever a knife belonged to the people, it was the Barlow. The James Brand then have surely created the perfect homage to that perfect blade with ‘The Wayland‘ TJB’s modern interpretation of the Barlow. The brands take on this classic slip-joint knife features a minimal design aesthetic with perfect balance, no visible hardware and premium materials to finish. The Wayland, named after the Northeastern American arrowhead (thats pretty cool in itself). The Wayland’s three-inch Sheep’s Foot blade is composed of CPM-S35VN steel creating a durable slicing knife capable of avoiding accidental point piercing mishaps, making it perfect for whittling, slicing a chunk out of an apple, or assisting on a number of camping tasks. The classic non-locking slip joint design produces the smooth “walk and talk” one expects from a well-built tool. The quarter-stop halfway open prevents the blade from biting back. A welcomed safety mechanism. So has this homage to the perfect knife paid off? Absolutely. The Wayland then has proved to all that it supersedes its predecessor. However we’re glad to say, like a young man taking over from his father, The Wayland does it quietly and with respect, never shouting and making a show. And like that young man The Wayland simply slips into its position as leader, forever aware that without the legend before him what he does today would never have been possible. The Wayland then truly is the peoples knife.

Available in three scale options: Wood, Micarta, and G10.
The Wayland’s aesthetic ranges from classic: the Rosewood + Stainless or Modern: the Black G10 + Black or
the Black Micarta + Stainless.

£179.00, Available


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