Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind

Brand: Under Armour

Model:  Flow Velociti Wind  

Key Features: UA MyMap Connected • Lightweight UA Warp Upper • One-Piece Flow Midsole Provides Responsive & Long-Lasting Cushioning • Flow Technology Eliminates A Rubber Outsole Which Creates A More Lightweight & Seamless Ride On Any Surface • NEUTRAL Ride


Ride Comfort: 9/10

Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 8mm

Weight: 241g

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Best For: Medium Distances / Day To Day  

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £140.00

Buy: Underarmour.co.uk


Under Armour is a relatively recent arrival into the running-shoe space. In recent years it’s hovered around the fringes of the running market without really committing itself. However 2021 is a different story and the brand now says it intends to establish itself in a big way. The Flow Velociti Wind is the first offering toward that aim and it’s an incredibly impressive effort. A neutral everyday shoe that also aspires to be suitable for faster running, the UA Velociti Wind could quite possibly be your new go-to daily runner taking on the likes of Nikes React Infinity in the process. After three years, over 17 rounds of raw material testing, 9 rounds of biomechanical testing, 15 rounds of shoe testing, and over 11,000 miles of wear-testing the all-new UA Flow midsole, an all-in-one cushioning system that eliminates the rubber outsole. This isn’t just running innovation, its a completely disruptive design and once again puts UA at the top of the innovation pole. The UA Flow is a responsive, grippy, and supportive singular-foam compound that eliminates the rubber outsole, enabling Under Armour to create an innovative, high-traction running shoe, and the first of its kind might we add. The UA Flow Velociti Wind was designed and engineered to provide great responsiveness and energy return as well as grippy traction so you can run with confidence. Another new addition is the super-engineered upper solution, UA Warp, that moulds perfectly to the human form allowing a more connected and fluid ride. The UA Flow Velociti Wind is designed for speed over longer distances and we’re happy to say it delivers well. A well balanced runner that provides a neutral, easy ride you instantly feel the power of the new Flow midsole chopping away seconds off your run times. With testing the runner for a little over 2 weeks we found that the ease at which the shoe acquaints itself with you is impressive taking barely a full week of running to mould to you. It also doesn’t try to fix non-existent over-pronation or supination like a lot of other shoes, adjusting to your technique and pace easily. Underfoot the shoe is light and the balance of cushion vs feel again is something thats impressed us a lot. One piece we really did love was the new Warp upper; it’s light but robust, and cradles the foot nicely while stretching and moving well in key areas during the run. This is thanks to the supporting tapes (basically overlays) which stiffen into tension when needed and relax when not in play, instead of simply compressing the foot consistently. In all honesty when we saw the knitted Warp we thought it looked amazing, however there were concerns that there would be some friction, as can sometimes happen with a knitted upper shoe, but there were no issues at all and the breathability more than lived up our expectations. Overall then, UA have once again proven that when they put their minds to it they can produce an innovation, industry leading product – this is really is one of the perfect shoes for runners and covers perfectly combining their training bases with speed, cushioning and comfort all bundle into one neat little package.


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