When you think of sunglasses made for style and endurance you think of Oakley, if you don’t well then my friend you’re getting it all wrong. The brand releases the M-Frame Origins Collection, which features eyewear with colorways and lens shapes inspired by the original M-Frame which were first released in 1989.  Introduced as the “Mumbo” in the ‘80s, M-Frame has been a staple in Oakley’s rich history of sport performance eyewear see on runners, cyclists and triathloners world over. The M-Frame Origins Collection is the newest member of the brands ‘Origins Collection’, which we were first introduced in 2019 with the Sutro Eyeshade. Included in the The M-Frame Origins Collection are our favourites the Frogskins, as well as the M2 Frame XL and Sutro both featuring that all important Prizm Lens Technology with both models available with Prizm Road and Prizm Sapphire lenses. The Sutro frames feature vented lenses that take inspiration from the original Sutro Eyeshade and help increase airflow during the most intense rides. Again and again Oakley have shown us that the past is cool and I think we can all agree this is another perfect example of how the brands skilled design has won the battle against time itself.

M2 FRAME XL, £126.00, Oakley.com


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