Eufy 2K Wireless Doorbell

Brand: Eufy  

Model: Wireless Doorbell  

Key Features:  Built-in Sony Sensor | 2K Professional-Grade Lens  | Fully Rechargeable 6 Month Battery Life | Easy Install | No Monthly Subscription Fee | Two-way Audio | Customisable Detection Zone | Enhanced Human Detection | Wireless Charging Case | HomeBase Storage With Military-grade AES-256 Data Encryption | Built In Chime | Seamless Integration with Eufy Security Products | 4:3 Aspect Ratio | IP65 Waterproof

Best For: Daily Use, Home Security  

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £179.99 


With thousands of us all across the UK ditching our traditional doorbells for the modern ‘it’ product, the video doorbell, home security has never been so popular or cool. But with hundreds of different options on the the market what do you choose? Eufy, the appliance and security specialist has everything you need. Their 2K wireless doorbell is a literally specs above the rest, with 2K day/night lens and 4:3 aspect ratio and HDR processing ensures that even on bright days you can see visitors’ faces clearly. The camera also has night vision recording, which is enabled automatically when the light dims, so you can rest safe in the fact that every inch is covered. Along with the live stream capabilities the 2-way audio is a joy when it comes to delivers at your door during work hours. The ping of a notification via your phone and you’ll instantly be able to give the delivery driver details on where to leave you package. The Home Base is a welcomed addition, it plugs into your home Wi-Fi router via Ethernet cable (once only) which then connects the doorbell to your home network – and from there to the internet for remote operation. It also acts as your doorbell chime and has 16GB of internal storage where it stores motion-triggered video clips, all easily accessed via the Eufy Security app, breaking your notifications down each day and presenting you with a 60+ second video and still image of the individuals face – handy should you have a parcel stolen for example. One of the main reasons we love the Eufy so much is theres no hidden monthly subscriptions, unlike other providers like Ring & NEST which will cost you around £25 a year to view or store your video footage. But Eufy, None. Simply pay for the doorbell and it’s yours. But what about battery life you say? Would it not be easier to just get a wired one? Well that is an option if you want it, but if you don’t the wireless doorbell with a full charge – done in only 4 hours – will last you an incredible 6 months before it needs charging again. When it comes to it, simply pop it off its mount and plug in.

So should you buy one? Absolutely, in fact you’d be a madman if you considered anything other than the Eufy Wireless Doorbell, because why have anything but the best in life?


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