Sacked Jose Mourinho Will Earn £15M For Doing Nothing

Many of us, more so than ever recently, know the heart breaking moment you find out you’ve lost your job, whether through your own doing or simply due to a company ‘changing direction’. The process is fast and completed in a blink of an eye. First you’ll be asked into a meeting with your boss and on entering you’ll be greeted by not only your boss but also the awkward lady sitting in the corner from HR. Following the announcement of you losing your job, you’ll be asked to leave the building and if you’ve been fired, you instantly loose your income. It’s a devastating blow that can break even the most hardened of people and a process no one likes going through. So we come onto the managing sacking in the Premier league, Jose Mourinho’s sacking by Tottenham Hotspur Monday morning. But its not like me and you, oh no. Because of their contracts structuring PL managers can live comfortably in the knowledge that 9 times out of 10 they’ll still be getting every penny. 

Including bonuses, Mourinho’s contract at Spurs was worth up to £13m per year — one of the most lucrative managerial deals in history, thanks to his agent Jorge Mendes — and was due to run until the end of the 2022/23 season. Chairman Daniel Levy prefers to place sacked managers on gardening leave which, by law, can only last 12 months, although it is believed that Mourinho could be eligible for up to 18 months’ worth of salary as compensation. Without bonuses, that would be around £15m-16m. That represents yet another enormous pay out in a career that has seen Mourinho routinely given astronomical sums to lose his job. Jose’s first severance package came in 2007 when he was paid £18m when given the sack by Chelsea. He then earned £17m from Real Madrid in 2013, £12.5m from Chelsea in 2015 and £15m from Manchester United in 2018 all for losing his job. His removal from Tottenham comes after the continuation of a marked decline in his managerial output over the course of his career. From a 71.65 win percentage at Porto, where he made his name, Mourinho’s win ratio has steadily fallen at every club he has managed, aside from his spell at Real Madrid. Its sad for not only Spurs fans and (some) players alike that have grown to love him but also for the man himself who yet again finds himself jobless in the cutthroat world of professional football. However, £15M for losing your job? Yeah, we don’t feel too sorry for the guy.


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