What We Want This Week

Bowers & Wilkins P17 In-Ear True-Wireless Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins are at it again. The premium British audio company has released its first true wireless earbuds. And we’re happy to say they are well worth the wait, if you can afford them that is. The new flagship noise-canceling PI7 earbuds sound terrific but cost a whopping £349. The step-down noise-canceling PI5 buds, which are also available, retail for £199, so slightly more affordable. Aside from impressive sound the PI7 buds have a few bonus feature that may or may not help you rationalise paying the money for them. For starters, they’re the first earbuds to use the wireless charging case as a transceiver, so you can plug the case into the headphone port on an airplane’s inflight entertainment system and wirelessly stream audio from the case to the earbuds. Thats pretty cool. Watch this space for a full review coming soon. Both are available now in charcoal or white. £349.00, Available Bowerswilkins.com


Santa Cruz Basic Tee

As much as summer time is about taking your style to the next level, it’s also about keeping it simple and comfortable. The Santa Cruz basic tee is for those that want just that. Whether it be hanging out at the beach or simply milling around town on a long sunny weekend you can never go wrong with a simple white tee. And here’s a thought, it’s ok for a man over 25 to wear a skateboard brand t-shirt, in fact we’d even advocate given the right circumstances. £25.00 Available Santacruzskateboards.eu

Hollister Skinny Black Jeans

Fitted jeans are here to stay, so why not get some that don’t fade? Introducing the Hollister, yes that Hollister, ‘No Fade’ skinny black jeans. Designed to resist up to fading for up to 10+ washes these are the jeans every man needs in his wardrobe. Although you may this Hollister as perhaps an outdated youth brand you’ve never been more wrong. Like its bigger brother A&F the brand has had a rebrand and refocused on what is important to the modern customer. So why on earth buy Hollister jeans you say? Well, after spending hours, weeks and months testing some of the best jeans in the world we’re happy to say that Hollister not only make some of the most comfortable jeans, they’re also the best fitting, true to size and never too long, too short or too baggy. Oh and they’re only £39.00 not £527 like some brands we know. These then, must be some of the best jeans in the world. And you can quote us on that. £39.00, Hollisterco.com

Florentine Kitchen Knives Customisable Knife Collection

Florentine Kitchen Knives, the bespoke working knife maker, launches a seamless new website customisation interface along with new custom options and new knife models for their Florentine and Kedma collections, as well as a redesign of the Scaled Florentine line. Barcelona based knife brand Florentine Kitchen Knives is due to launch a website overhaul, bringing with it upgrades to the customisation experience alongside new handle colour options and the addition of wood for the custom knife collection. On top of this, the newly designed Scaled version of the Florentine line with a frame / hidden tang construction and more handle customisation options will be available for the first time. This update will also include the launch of 2 new Steak knife options from the Kedma line and finally, customising options for all 6 Kedma line kitchen knives will be launched, available alongside the full off-the-shelf collection of Kedma’s Asian inspired blade profiles and Iroko wood handles. From £90.00, Available Florentinekitchenknives.com

Virtue Natural Energy Drinks

Launched in 2016, Virtue drinks are zero sugar, zero calorie natural energy drink and have no artificial ingredients. Each can provides the equivalent natural caffeine (80mg) as you drinking one cup of coffee and is tapping into the demand for healthier alternatives to those energy drinks currently available on the market. Virtue Clean energy comes in two flavours, fruity berry and a refreshing lemon & lime. Their other range is Yerba Mate, which comes in both peach & raspberry and strawberry & lime flavour. Virtue Yerba Mate is packed full of Yerba Mate, the natural energising leaf enjoyed for thousands of years in South America and described as ‘ the drink of the gods,’ which also offers major health benefits and more antioxidants than green tea. So if you feel you need a refreshing pick me up this summer, don’t reach for the coffee just reach for one of these little guys. From £1.50, Available at Sainsburys, Ocado, Planet Organic and Virtuedrinks.com


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